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Format your Markdown & Fountain texts beautifully into APA, MLA paper, book, article, screenplay, mindmap, presentation slides and more.

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Lightweight Markup

Use lightweight markup such as #heading to add h1 and **bold** to bold text. The syntax is consistent when working across Markdown, Fountain & LaTeX documents, making it all the more easier.

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Popular Cloud Services

Work directly with popular cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox & Microsoft OneDrive — without leaving JotterPad.

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Powerful Integrated Plugins

JotterPad supports extensive plugins ranging from mind maps, to flow charts, musical notation, chemistry equations and more.

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Bibliography Management With BibTex

Add citations by uploading Bib files, or copying and pasting BibTex into Markdown documents. Further manage and edit your citations using the BibTex plugin, and print your references along with popular citation formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and AMA thereafter with ease.

Procure BibTex from publishing platforms such as Springer, Research Gate, JSTOR, Google Scholar, Wiley, and Google books to expedite adding of citations for you.

Brainstorm & Generate Content With

Wizard A.I.

Generate writing suggestions and prompts using Wizard A.I. powered by GPT-3 technology. Input a question or topic that you are brainstorming and have the answers generated for you within seconds. Use the functions of this plugin as a bedrock for your next writing endeavor.

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Embed Images to Markdown Files

JotterPad uploads your image to the cloud & creates a unique random link when you embed an image into a Markdown file. The embedded images can be displayed on any device.

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Images From Unsplash

Spruce up your work by adding images via Unsplash. Let images of your choice speak a thousand words along with your writing.

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Quick Research

Search up word definitions, synonyms and antonyms with JotterPad's built-in Dictionary and Thesaurus. Let the Rhyming Dictionary help you find the extra rolling cadence in your words.

Publish To Blogs

Ghost, Wordpress & Tumblr

Instantly publish your works to a blogging platform of your choosing. JotterPad lets you automatically upload whatever you’ve written to Ghost, Wordpress and Tumblr as drafts or published posts.

Export To Multiple Formats


JotterPad converts Markdown, Fountain & LaTeX into rich, formatted text and seamlessly exports it to Word, PDF, and Final Draft thereafter with zero fuss.

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Convert your markdown documents into formatted eBooks with ease. Export and view your work on platforms such as Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, and Amazon Kindle with standard electronic publishing formatting in place for you.

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100+ Beautifully-Designed Templates

With JotterPad's extensive range of templates, formatting requirements never have to be intimidating again. From novel, to screenplay, article, report, letter, and even presentation slides, you can now create stunning documents with PDF in less than a minute using Markdown, Fountain & LaTeX files.

Format your title page, headings, citations, and more according to the 7th Edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) with this template, and have academic papers ready in no time.
Use this template to keep Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting in check, with titles, headers, citations, footnotes, and more formatted to the 9th edition of the MLA guide.
The Novel Book with Drop Caps template embellishes your writing with a decorative drop caps element and takes care of headings, justification, line-spacing, and many more for you.
Produce a programming document that colorizes language specific keywords, operators, and elements in your code with various languages such as Python, C#, HTML, JavaScript, and more.
Use this Screenplay template to format your manuscript's line-spacing, page margins, headings and other formatting requirements for you to produce a professional standard screenplay.
Use this Simple Narrative Essay to format your essay's headers, titles, page margins, and sub-sections for your assignments and writing endeavors, and produce quality work.
Produce an exemplary lab report with an abstract, headings, introduction, results, references amongst others, with the help of Lab Report template and its formatting guidelines.
Effortlessly craft a Business plan that includes a company overview, business idea, and a financial plan with this template and embark on your next business venture.
This Cover Letter template helps you include your salutations, recipient and sender information, necessary enclosures, etc. effortlessly, and creates a professional letter for your use.
Use this template to take down meeting minutes and organize them into a structured and organized table on the spot, and leave meetings with clear notes hereafter.
Use this template to compose your own music or create musical notation, with elements like the treble clef, bar lines, musical notes, key or time signatures already formatted for you.
This Simple Textbook template can consolidate a cover page, contents page, format the content that follows after, etc. to produce a quality and readable textbook for your use.
Let your readers dive into your life story by compiling the book cover, contents page, titling, numbering, text style and others easily into an autobiography with this template.
Execute a smooth-sailing project by generating a Gantt chart using Mermaid shorthand and ironing out budget allocation, roles and responsibilities and other details with this template.
This template guides you with drafting key contract sections such the scope of employment, monetary compensation, insurance coverage, and other terms of employment.

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