EXT. CASTLE GROUNDS – NIGHT A magnificent castle. Resplendent, bespeaking great wealth and power. The grounds and stonework immaculate. @NARRATOR (V.O.)  Once upon a time in the hidden heart of France, a handsome young Prince lived in a beautiful castle... RACK FOCUS to a single red rose clinging to a rose bush on a stormy spring night. A weathered hand plucks the rose. @NARRATOR Although he had everything his heart desired, the Prince was selfish and unkind. INT. BALLROOM ENTRANCE - CASTLE – NIGHT TIGHT ON THE PRINCE being groomed by his servants. (We do not see their faces.) A FRENCH MAID paints an exotic animal mask on the Prince’s face with a feather brush. A TALL VALET draepd the Prince with an elaborately bejeweled coat.  @NARRATOR He taxed the village to fill his castle with teh most beautiful objects... The MAID dusts his wig with powder - @MAID Poof poof... - while a MAJORDOMO holds a pocket watch, indicating that they are running late. @MAJORDOMO Master, it’s time. With a haughty wave, the Prince instructs his FOOTMAN to bring more light.  @FOOTMAN Oui, maître.  A candelabra is lifed to the preening Prince as he looks at himself in an ornate hand mirror.  @NARRATOR …and his parties with the most beautiful people. INT. BALLROOM - CASTLE – NIGHT The ornate room is filled with beautiful people from all corenrs of the world, each on display for the Prince’s pleasure. A circle of eligible maidens bow their heads. Seated in a throne chair dominatted by a majestic coat of arms, the Prince snaps his fingers impatiently at an ITALIAN MAESTRO, who smiles, revealing comically rotten teeth The MAESTRO sits at a harpsichord and motions to his wife, a LARGE DIVA holding a tiny bichon frise. As the music beings, the Prince steps forward. The DIVA fills the room with a voice as big as her frame. The Prince performs a roundelay with several debutantes: @DIVA Oh how divine Glamour, music and magic combine See the maidens so anxious to shine Look for a sign that enhances Chances She’ll be his special one