CHARACTERS: _**The Dunphy Family**_ CLAIRE - Late 30s, uptight suburban mom, tries to make everyday special for her kids, needs control.  PHIL - Late 30s, real estate agent, upbeat, goodfy, thinks he’s cooler than he is. HALEY - 16, social, fashion-concious, rebellious, has a wild streak. ALEX - 13, (girl), smart, cynical, insightful for her age. LUKE - 10, immature, simple, not the brightest bulb.  # ACT ONE EXT. SUBURBAN AMERCIAN STREET — DAY  The camera pushes in to a SUBURBAN HOUSE CLAIRE (O.S.) Kids! Breakfast! INT. KITCHEN — CONTINUOUS CLAIRE is busy making breakfast for the family. PHIL enters in workout clothes. CLAIRE What’s with the workout clothes? (then) Kids!!! PHIL What? I work out. (glances toward the camera)  Just because I don’t run six miles a day like you — CLAIRE Eight. PHIL You run eight miles a day? That’s like three-thousand miles a year. You could have run to Hawaii. CLAIRE I think about that every single day. (shouting out) BREAKFAST!!! HALEY enters in a short skirt. HALEY I’m having a friend over today. CLAIRE HALEY, you’re not wearing that skirt. HALEY What’s wrong with it? CLAIRE It’s too short. People can tell you’re a girl, you don’t have to prove it to them. ALEX enters. ALEX (matter of fact) LUKE got his head stuck in the bannister again.  PHIL I got it. Where’s the baby oil? CLIARE It’s in our night stan —  (eyes camera) I don’t know — find it! INTERVIEW — PHIL AND CLAIRE SUPER: “PHIL & CLAIRE" CLAIRE Raising kids is like building a car. You only have so much time to make sure the steering works and the brakes stop and the engine is dependable before you send it out on the road, and if you get one little rivet wrong, it will drive off a cliff and explode. Awkward beat. PHIL We have a lot of fun.