1. EXT. MARIGOLD PATH — DUSK  A path of marigold petals leads up to an altar lovingly arranged in a humble cemetery. An old woman lights a candle as teh smoke of burning copal wood dances lyrically upward... **CARD: DISNEY PRESENTS** **CARD: A PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS FILM** The smoke lifts up toward lines of papel picado - cut paper banners — that sway gently in the breeze.  **PAPEL PICADO CARD: “COCO"** MIGUEL (V.O.) Sometimes I think I’m cursed… ‘cause of something that happened before I was even born. A story begins to play out on the papel picado. MIGUEL (V.O.) See, a long time ago there was this family. The images on the papel picado come to life to illustrate a father, a mother, and a little girl. The family is happy. MIGUEL (V.O.) The papa, he was a musician. The papa plays guitar while the mother dances with her daughter MIGUEL (V.O.) He and his family would sing, and dance, and count their blessings... (beat) But he also had a dream… to play for the world. (beat) And one day he left with his guitar… and never returned. The man walks down a road, guitar slung on his back. In another vignette, his daughter stands in the doorway, watching her papa leave. Two feet step up next to her. It is her mama, hardened. She shuts the door.